PAROC Pro Lock: Heat Loss Under Lock and Key!

Steam and other high temperature media are regularly processed in most industrial plants. Hence requiring a high performing thermal insulation system, in order to maintain optimal process temperatures and to prevent heat and energy losses.

Pipe insulation systems are often installed during maintenance shutdowns. As a result, the temperature of the process pipes is similar to the ambient temperature during the installation phase.

When the systems are being heated to operating temperature, a thermal expansion of the pipes will take place. This can lead to serious heat and energy losses, if not considered from an insulation perspective

At elevated operating temperatures, a double-layer insulation system is often required in order to mitigate for the potential opening of the joints. Paroc offers double-layer solutions, and – additionally - the innovative PAROC Pro Lock one-layer solution. 

The image on the left compares a standard pipe section with Paroc Pro Lock with the test set-up according to EN 14707.
Paroc Pro Lock Heat Image

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Minimize heat loss

The thermal expansion of the pipelines is handled by the z-lock formation of the joints of the PAROC Pro Lock pipe sections; that means that the performance of a double-layer solution with staggered joints is achieved with a single-layer application! PAROC Pro Lock pipe sections are available in densities 100, 120 and 140 kg/m3.

Industrial insulation specifications are often duplicated from project to project. Opportunities for reducing heat losses, reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing downtime and saving money are missed. Updating insulation specifications to include innovative solutions like PAROC Pro Lock pipe sections will offer great benefits to the process owner as well as the environment.

Achieve Benefits with PAROC Pro Lock

  • Technically superior solution without cold bridges
  • 25% less heat loss compared to wired mat insulation solutions
  • Thinner insulation solution
    • Less surface area and cladding material
    • Takes less space in processes
    • Lower installation costs, less installation time (compared to 2 layer solution)
  • No supporting structure needed
  • Thermal expansion of metal pipe does not open the z-lock joints
  • Reduction in downtime on the plant during maintenance
  • Contributes to sustainability


Savings / Reduction in CO2 Emissions

ProLock Table 2_1
Installation Pro Lock 3

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