Insulation for Process Industry

PAROC Insulation for process industry

Welcome to PAROC, the leading provider of innovative insulation solutions designed to address the pressing challenges faced by the process industry. 

As organisations in the process industry are fully aware, maintaining optimal temperature within pipelines and minimising heat loss is critical for performance, reliability, and safety. However, the industry struggles with outdated insulation systems, significant energy leakage, and emissions as a result of inadequate insulation. PAROC  provides sustainable and high-performance insulation solutions that not only enhance the safety and performance of your operations but also actively contribute to environmental sustainability.

Process Industry Insulation

The process industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and is a major consumer of energy. Expert studies show that in industrial plants, about 10% or more of the equipment is either uninsulated or covered with damaged insulation. This leads to significant energy wastage, increased operational costs, and a negative environmental impact. Additionally, the insulation levels that are applied are often based on minimum requirements, neglecting important factors such as cost-effectiveness or maximum energy efficiency.

PAROC’s insulation solutions address these challenges head-on. Our products are specially manufactured for the process industry and feature high-density stone wool insulation that is capable of withstanding very high temperatures. This ensures maximum thermal efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced energy consumption and costs. Our 'Calculus' calculation tool further helps in identifying the best insulation solution for your specific application, ensuring optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your plant.

Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Future

Choose PAROC for your process industry insulation needs and join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future. We are your partner in achieving energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about how our stone wool insulation solutions can revolutionise your processes.