Paroc offers energy efficient and sustainable solutions for all parts of the industrial processes; for example, from boilers to industrial chimneys and from pipes to tanks. 

Process industries and power plants demand long lasting, maintenance free and energy-efficient insulation solutions. All solutions within the processes should be reliable, durable and safe. It is important that the return on investment of the process is realised during its life cycle as planned without losses caused by malfunctions.

Pipelines are crucial components in industrial processes. Through pipelines huge amounts of cold and hot liquids are transported and the target is to minimise energy losses during transportation. Well-designed and efficiently insulated pipe work is a prerequisite for a properly functioning operation. PAROC solutions for industrial pipes provide the same insulation capacity for both straight pipes and pipe elbows, helping to maintain optimal performance throughout the whole pipeline.

An additional important property of PAROC products is their very low chloride and fluoride content, which helps to minimise the risk of corrosion under the insulation.