Career at Paroc

Paroc as an employer

Paroc would not be the industry-leading company it is without a professional, motivated workforce. It’s our people that make the machines run, strive for constant innovation, create solutions, provide technical support as well as secure product quality and accurate deliveries.

That level of competence and dedication can’t exist without constant engagement with our people, assessing strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing and implementing measures that provide people with individual opportunity, build a great culture and enable our employees to be part of creating a better built environment.

All this makes Paroc a great place to do great work; to learn and develop yourself, participate in a wide variety of demanding projects, and be part of an international community of professionals, who are making a difference in the world.

We offer people the independence to take on responsibility for their work and performance, as well as recognition and reward for a job well done, which usually means according to agreed targets. Setting high standards is a way to achieve both company success and growth as well as personal development and job fulfilment. We also believe in fuelling innovation and building people’s skills through new job assignments and personal development planning.

Building on our Nordic roots, values and strategy, we continue to develop a company culture based on open communication, engagement, leadership, performance and sustainability. We expect people to be accountable for their own work yet support others in their team, working together to achieve goals and share the same respectful, friendly and pragmatic attitude.

79% of our staff would recommend Paroc as an employer (2017 survey). Although not perfect, this is an excellent foundation we continue to build on through providing our people with opportunity, a great working environment and an important role in creating a better built environment.