PAROC Stonewool is made of stone

PAROC Stonewool

PAROC Stonewool is an insulation material that has a lot of air and a little bit of stones in it. The stones are melted and made into thin fibers that stick together with a small amount of binder. The air and the stones give stone wool many good, useful, and durable properties.

Due to non-combustible raw material, our stone wool insulation offers many benefits:


The reference service life of PAROC products is equal to the reference service life of the building which is considered to be minimum 60 years. Stone wool does not enhance mold growth and corrosion.

Energy efficient

Every stone wool insulation that we produce can cut a building’s CO2 emissions for its entire lifetime.

Fire resilient

PAROC Stonewool is a non-combustible insulation material that meets the highest fire classification for building materials, A1, according to EN 13501-1. This means that it does not contribute to fire development or spread and does not produce significant amounts of smoke or flaming droplets. PAROC Stonewool has a high melting point of over 1000 °C.

By using PAROC Stonewool products, you can contribute to the fire performance of your buildings and protect them from structural failure or collapse in case of fire.

Moisture resistant

PAROC Stonewool is a non-hygroscopic material that can maintain its dryness and performance even in high humidity environments (RH 98%). PAROC Stonewool is made of inorganic fibers that do not change their shape or size when exposed to moisture. PAROC Stonewool is also diffusion-open, which means that it does not absorb or retain water in its structure, and it allows water vapor to pass through it. This helps to prevent moisture accumulation and damage in other building materials and components.


PAROC Stonewool is an insulation material that is made from stones. It is reusable and can be recycled into new stone wool products, which can reduce the need for virgin material. We use a technology that enables off-cuts to be shredded into blowing wool. Stone wool material can also be ground into fiber shreds and reused directly as raw material to manufacture new stone wool. These methods are also used for customer stone wool waste recycling.


Sound absorbing

PAROC Stonewool has an optimal fiber structure that allows air to flow through it. This makes it a great material for absorbing sound and reducing noise. PAROC Stonewool can be used inside structures and on surfaces to create a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment.

BES 6001 certification

Paroc has been certified with the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard for construction products by Building Research Establishment Limited (BRE). The certification includes all Paroc's European sites for the production of thermal insulation. Paroc was the first mineral wool insulation manufacturer to achieve BES 6001 and was awarded a “Good” rating for its responsible sourcing of materials.

Life Cycle Assessment

We promote the use of life cycle assessments (LCAs) in the building industry and carry out LCAs for all our products to know and improve their environmental footprint.

ISO 14001 certification

Paroc has been granted ISO14001 certificate. This indicates that environmental aspects such as production emissions into the air, waste handling, utilisation of natural resources and energy efficiency are paid attention to at Paroc and the environmental impacts of production are constantly improved.

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