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Both the right attitude and the right choices are needed for fire safety


Ensuring fire safety in buildings is an important way to reduce the most tragic outcomes of fires.

The safety of the built environment is the sum of many factors


Construction materials can be used to affect many of the safety factors of the built environment.

Safety of built environments

Sustainable life-cycles of buildings require the construction materials also to be sustainable


The energy efficiency of buildings is influenced with design and implementation, but also through material choices.

Moisture control in construction requires seamless teamwork


The best end result is achieved when moisture control is in order during all phases of the building’s life-cycle.



Towards more ecological, safer and more comfortable built environments


Homes and public buildings have a direct impact on our quality of life, for example, through indoor air quality and noise.

Home acoustics

Where does stone wool come from?


Stonewool does not burn, it protects from hot and cold, it insulates sound and protects from moisture.