Owens Corning invests in the decarbonization of its Paroc Hällekis plant in Sweden

26 Apr 2024

Edit 6.5.2024 (information about support from the Industrial Leap added.)

Owens Corning, owner of Paroc AB, is committed to achieving its greenhouse gas (GHG) targets and continues to invest in a sustainable future. The company is converting the melting process in its Hällekis insulation plant in Sweden from coke-fired furnaces to electric melting estimated to reduce the plant’s scope 1 and 2* emissions by about 80%. This is designed to strengthen the company’s market-leading position, improve manufacturing efficiency, and continue to meet customer expectations in the European market.

Paroc AB Hällekis plant

Owens Corning has announced an investment in the conversion of its Paroc AB's Hällekis insulation plant in Sweden. The plant will transition its melting process from coke-fired furnaces to electric melting, marking another step towards the company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goals. Once converted, the plant situated in central Sweden will serve customers also in nearby Denmark and Norway with insulation that offers a low carbon footprint.

Jari AirolaThe investment is projected to result in an 80% reduction in the plant’s scope 1 and 2* emissions allowing for a significant reduction in the embodied carbon of the products produced at the site. The investment aligns with Owens Corning's science-based goal to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to a 2018 baseline.

“The project will help ensure we continue to meet our valued customers' expectations in the European market and strengthens our profile in the Nordics, demonstrating our commitment to these important markets in which we operate,” said Jari Airola, vice president Owens Corning Europe & managing director Europe Insulation.

The project plan is scheduled to allow for a start-up in early 2027. The Hällekis plant was originally established in 1978 and will celebrate 50 years of operations in 2028. Today the plant employs 250 people and manufactures stone wool insulation for use in building insulation and technical insulation applications.

Paroc joined Owens Corning in 2018 and has a strong position in both building and technical insulation in our core markets of Finland, Sweden, and the Baltics. In addition, Paroc products have strong challenger positions across Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway.

Read more about Owens Corning’s sustainability efforts in its 18th annual sustainability report.

*Scope 1 includes the direct emissions from our own manufacturing operations.
*Scope 2 include indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

Finansieras av Europeiska unionen

The Hällekis insulation plant conversion project receives support from the Industrial Leap (Industriklivet), the Swedish Energy Agency’s program to support Swedish industry’s transition to fossil-free. 

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