Circular economy put into practice: REWOOL recycling system for PAROC stone wool helps customers attain their recycling goals


In 2020, Owens Corning PAROC, Lassila & Tikanoja and Eko-Expert became the first companies in Finland to launch a recycling system for stone wool.

The REWOOL system allows the off-cuts of stone wool produced by the construction industry and building sites to become efficiently reused. Recycling the off-cuts saves money and the environment and supports the construction industry's goal of zero waste to landfill. REWOOL is a great example of a win-win concept to establish viable circular economy business models.

From off-cuts to clean blowing wool insulation: the easy-to-use system saves time and the environment

Discarding the off-cuts of stone wool in landfill is an environmental burden and a cost in the form of waste charges for companies. By offering this service to our customers, we both respond to our customers’ needs to decrease the quantities of mixed waste and help realize a more sustainable future.

In a nutshell, the off-cuts are sorted at their place of origin where they are placed in recycling bins provided by L&T. After that, they are taken to Eko-Expert, which produces clean blowing wool insulation out of the recycled material. The blowing wool insulation produced from recycled raw material is an energy efficient product: its production only requires approximately 50 kilowatt hours of energy per tonne. The target for the collection, production and installation chain is to become carbon neutral during 2020.

Helping companies fulfill recycling obligations

Furthermore, it is also important to increase the construction industry's recycling rate because of the tightening environmental legislation. According to the EU Waste Directive, the member states must recycle 70% of their construction waste as material in 2020. As the recycling opportunities for stone wool improve, it is easier for companies to fulfill their legislative obligations.

This REWOOL system is currently available in Finland. PAROC Sweden has had its own REWOOL recycling system in place already since 1996. This system for building insulation is being continuously developed. Different recycling services for stone wool will be developed for selected European locations during the coming years. Stay tuned!

Benefits of recycling stone wool

  • Companies' waste costs reduce when the quantities of mixed waste go down.
  • Companies find it easier to meet their sustainability goals
  • Recycling rate increases. EU Waste Directive: 70% of construction waste recycled in 2020.
  • Clean raw material for producing blowing wool insulation. 100 per cent of stone wool can be recycled.

Johanna Harila
Marketing Leader, Building Insulation