We shrank the footprint, not the quality: 78% less CO₂ in PAROC® roof insulation products



Using 100% renewable electricity and low-carbon melting technology on our electric melting lines in Poland, we can now offer roof insulation products for Central Europe with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

The new environmental product declarations – EPDs – are in and the results show a significant decrease in the carbon footprint of PAROC® roof insulation products (full lifecycle, A1-C4). The Global Warming Potential (GWP-total) values of PAROC® Tectum 037, Premo 90 and Robust 038 are 78% lower than before. 


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This remarkable decrease is a result of our continuous efforts to decarbonize our production. In 2022, the two electric melting furnaces at our Polish factory switched to 100% renewable electricity. The switch reduced CO₂ emissions in our European stone wool production by 30% and directly impacts the footprint of our products.

The reduction means that you can now get the same high-quality, fire safe and durable products with considerably less CO₂ emissions. For Premo 90, we also offer an improved compressive strength of 90 kPa.


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“Our aspiration for 2030 is to reduce our CO₂ emissions by 50% compared to 2018. We are very pleased that the concrete steps we have taken to reach this goal are starting to show. This reduction is remarkable and provides opportunities for our customers to build responsibly and reduce the carbon footprint of the entire building without having to compromise on quality” says Marja Jakola, General Manager, Building Insulation OC PAROC.


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Values refer to EPD Norway document for EMF line in Poland Values presented in the published EPD document NEPD-4337-3565-EN