Bridging the gap - PAROC PRO CLADDING SUPPORT for insulation without gaps

PAROC, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient and fire-safe insulation solutions of stonewool, has launched PAROC Pro Cladding Support to help eliminate thermal bridges. 
thermal graphic

Thermal bridges pose a significant problem; occurring when metal supporting rings are installed on a pipeline to secure the thickness of low-compression material (such as mats and wired mats) under heavy metal cladding. They can cause substantial heat losses and increase the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Over time, this will cause structural damage and drastically reduce the lifetime of equipment and piping.

PAROC Pro Cladding Support removes the need for metal support rings. It is manufactured from the same high-quality stonewool that PAROC is well known for, making it durable, fire-safe, energy-efficient, moisture-proof, and re-usable. It can be combined with all wired mats and other low-compression insulation material and helps metal cladding remain in place. 

The new product range highlights PAROC’s commitment to constant innovation — and solving the challenges of our customers and installers. For example, PAROC Pro Cladding Support removes the additional thermal conductivity corrections needed when using cladding supports, reducing the likelihood of human error when calculating potential energy losses in an installation.

PAROC Pro Cladding Support Product Image