Insulating Industrial Equipment? 

Investing in the right technical insulation can make all of the difference to ongoing energy savings, safety, and maintenance. This is why we’ve created the PAROC TI Industry Guide. Available now, the Guide looks at everything you need to understand about technical insulation for industrial applications including:

  • The potential energy and cost savings offered by the right insulation solution
  • Best practices in different industries around thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection
  • The risk of Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) and how to avoid this with the right insulation
  • How insulation can help to combat climate change and support an organisation to become carbon-neutral
  • How Paroc stonewool insulation is long-lasting, unchanging, safe, environmentally friendly and strong, with market-leading water absorption properties
  • The National and International standards that PAROC adheres to

The Guide also includes PAROC Calculus, a calculation tool to help you identify the ideal stonewoolinsulation for different applications such as pipe elbows, turbines, tanks, industrial chimneys, flue ducts, and boilers.

You’ll also get useful information about the complete range of Paroc stonewool products for industrial application (including accessories) on offer and their use cases, so you can make the most informed decision about your specific installation. The Guide details the technical specifications for each product like thermal conductivity, melting point, water-repellency, and Lab testing details.

After reading the PAROC TI Industry Guide you’ll have a better idea of what your priorities should be for your installation, the best products to invest in, how to install them, and the potential returns and benefits to your productivity, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and bottom-line.

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