REWOOL take-back and recycling system turns customers’ waste into new stone wool products



We are currently piloting a take-back service in Germany. In Sweden and Finland, the Paroc REWOOL service is already recycling customer offcuts into blowing wool and raw material.

The Paroc REWOOL customer waste take-back and recycling system is an important part of our work to achieve a circular economy and a sustainable future. With the REWOOL system, the stone wool offcuts from construction and production sites can be effectively sorted, transported and recycled.

For customers, the REWOOL take-back and recycling system has many advantages. For one, it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, which can also reduce the cost of waste management. In addition, recycling offcuts instead of throwing them away as waste increases the scores of buildings in environmental classifications such as LEED and BREEAM.

At Paroc factories, offcuts redeemed by the REWOOL system can be recycled and manufactured into blowing wool or stone wool fiber, giving the offcut material a whole new life.


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A pilot is underway in Germany

The first Paroc REWOOL system was introduced in Sweden back in 1996. Since then, the system has been developed to include the latest technology and customized solutions. Nowadays, the REWOOL system enables the efficient reuse of stone wool offcuts. 

Since 2020, the REWOOL system has also been in place in Finland. There, customers’ offcuts are recycled in cooperation with partner companies. 

Based on the positive experience in Sweden and Finland, we are currently piloting a customer take-back service in Germany with selected customers. The aim is to develop a well-functioning take-back model that makes it easy and convenient for customers to sort and ship the offcuts from their construction sites.

Circular economy is much more than taking back waste and recycling it, although recycling is one of the key elements of circularity. REWOOL enables our customers to recycle the offcuts and give that material a second life”, says Thomas Kayser, Circular Economy Lead, Europe. 


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