At PAROC, we strive to offer superior insulation for valves and flanges. Valves and flanges are parts of industrial pipelines where the risk of heat loss typically increases. To counteract this, we recommend the use of a separate valve box for thermal insulation.

Enhanced Valve Thermal Insulation

valves and flange insulation

The insulation we recommend for a valve box is the PAROC Pro Wired Mat with aluminium face insulation.

This product is flexible and easy to install on round or rectangular surfaces, making it an ideal valve jacket thermal insulation solution.

Performing service and maintenance work is usually straightforward and clean with faced insulation inside. In addition, you usually can effortlessly put the same valve box, along with its insulation, back into its place after maintenance.

Reliable Insulation for Valves and Flanges

For valves and flange insulation, we recommend our high temperature resistant PAROC Pro Wired Mat with aluminium foil facing. It is strongly recommendable to insulate valves and flanges of pipelines using separate, easy-to-open jacketing. An aluminium foil-faced wired mat is attached to the inside surface of the jacketing, with the foil facing inwards. This design supports easy and clean service and maintenance work, allowing for the repeated reuse of the same jacketing and its insulation.

Benefits of PAROC Industrial Pipework Insulation Solutions

When you opt for our pipeline insulation kit or our pipe valve insulation, you're choosing:

  • A wide product range for pipes, pipe elbows, valves, and flanges for a rapid, easy design process
  • Tight solutions that minimizes gaps in joints to ensure minimal heat loss
  • Controlled process temperature for efficient operation
  • Compatible pipe sections, elbow insulations, and valve insulation covers to save time and money on installation with minimal waste on-site
  • Products with very low water absorption and low chloride content to reduce the risk of corrosion

In need of more information on our insulation for valves and flanges? Don't hesitate to contact your local PAROC representative. Experience the efficiency and durability of PAROC's valve and flange insulation solutions today.