Storage tanks play an integral part in many industrial processes, with different temperature requirements making it essential for effective insulation solutions. As specialists in insulation for process storage tanks, we can provide comprehensive protection and efficiency for your storage tanks.

Process Storage Tank Insulation

Our premier insulation solutions utilise PAROC stonewool slabs, delivering unmatched process tank insulation across wide service temperature ranges. These stonewool slabs are water-repellent and non-combustible, ensuring increased longevity for your tanks.

Tank Lagging and Insulated Storage Tank

We also provide tank lagging, which alongside our stonewool slabs, results in a highly effective insulated storage tank. Our solutions support the elimination of the need for additional support structures and increasing the operational life of your tanks.

Benefits of PAROC Tank Insulation

Investing in our insulation for process storage tanks ensures:

  • Minimal Heat Loss: Our tight insulation solutions prevent gaps in joints, reducing heat loss to a bare minimum.
  • Maximum Performance: The low air permeability of our products ensures maximum performance, even under demanding conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our insulation solutions help control the temperature of the content in your tanks, boosting energy efficiency during storage.
  • Resilience: Our high compressive stress products for tank roofs withstand load during installation and maintenance.

Embrace superior efficiency and protection with our high-performance insulation solutions for process storage tanks.