We specialise in providing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of industrial insulation for chimneys. We understand that every industrial plant with a concrete chimney needs effective, durable insulation. That's where we come in

Our primary goal is ensuring the surface temperature of your internal steel channels never drops to the point where harmful gases can condense and form corrosive deposits. This proactive approach is critical in prolonging the service life of your chimney.

Industrial Chimneys Insulation: An Investment for Longevity

At the heart of our offer lies a range of insulated chimney pipe solutions, all designed with round internal structures in mind. Our approach, which centres around the use of flexible wired mat insulation solutions, puts a great emphasis on preventing the formation of corrosive acid droplets.

Benefits of our insulation for industrial chimneys:

  • Flexible Wired Mat Insulation: Tailored for round internal structures of chimneys, our wired mat insulation provides excellent performance and flexibility.
  • PAROC Pro Wired Mat (WR) 660 AL1 and (WR) 680 AL1: Designed with the specific needs of industrial chimneys in mind, these products offer effective insulation for internal round channels.
  • Dust Protection: The aluminium foil and net included in the insulation ensure a less dusty environment for your maintenance work.
  • Easy Installation: Our insulation solutions are designed for ease of installation, perfect for large round channels.
  • Durability and Longevity: By reducing the risk for the formation of corrosive acid droplets, our insulation prolongs the service life of your chimney.
  • Improved Work Conditions: The dust protection and solid base for attachments result in safer, cleaner, and more pleasant conditions during maintenance work.
  • Investment in Safety and Efficiency: With our insulation solutions, you're not just improving the thermal performance of your chimneys but also investing in the safety and efficiency of your industrial operations.

We invite you to join countless others who've already discovered the immense benefits of our insulation solutions for industrial chimneys. Make the smart choice today to extend the service life of your industrial chimneys and create a safer, cleaner work environment. Invest in PAROC insulation for industrial chimneys – the best solution for your industry's needs.