Many industries require the transfer of substantial volumes of air or other gases, often dealing with high flow speeds, temperature fluctuations, and pressure variances. The substantial size of ducts and the necessary equipment may require for robust structural protection.

When it comes to flue duct applications, the task becomes even more demanding, requiring the optimum solution for each unique application. This is where our insulation for flue ducts comes in, providing a resilient, energy-efficient solution tailored to each unique set of requirements.

Ventilation Duct Insulation for Process Industries

Effective energy flow management is the linchpin of process industries' functionality and economic operations. This complex environment can demand highly specific insulation solutions like our flue duct insulation and insulation for ventilation ducts.

Our PAROC flue duct insulation solutions offer outstanding thermal insulation at high service temperatures and significantly prevent condensation, while also maintaining impressive mechanical strength. 

Typically, flue duct applications employ a double layer of insulation to prevent cold bridges. While both layers are commonly slabs, there's flexibility to combine slabs with wired mats based on the specific needs of your project.

Benefits of our Insulation for Flue Ducts

Experience the following With PAROC flue duct insulation:

  • Maintain Performance Under High Temperatures: Our solutions perform consistently, even at temperatures up to 640 °C, ensuring a seamless operation.
  • Avoid Corrosive Damage: Our double-layered insulation and thermal installation help prevent gas condensation and the formation of corrosive acidic deposits, protecting your ducts from potential damage.
  • Ensure Durability and Strength: By using our superior PAROC Pro Slabs, your ducts can better handle pressure, temperature fluctuations and high flow speeds, ensuring a longer lifespan for your installation.
  • Enjoy Easy Installation: With our user-friendly slabs and wired mats, you can support a quick, efficient installation process. This means less downtime for your operations.
  • Experience Versatility: With insulation solutions that cater to various duct shapes, including specific options for rectangular ducts, you can be confident in a perfect fit, every time.
  • Benefit from Long-Lasting Solutions: Our robust insulation systems usually require minimal maintenance, providing long-term peace of mind and ongoing savings.
  • Enjoy Customised Solutions: We offer tailored insulation solutions to perfectly meet your specific needs, supporting optimal performance and cost efficiency.

To learn more about our insulation for flue ducts solutions and the array of benefits they could bring to your operation, get in touch with our expert team today. We're here to help you make the right insulation choice for your unique needs.