You can minimise energy use and transport all energy kept within the system to the intended destination with appropriate insulation of the core components in your ventilation system and distribution ducts. Usually, equipment is insulated when manufactured and does not need any further on-site insulation.

Ventilation machines need internal sound reduction in order to prevent the sound from the equipment spreading through the ducts. You may also need thermal insulation and, in some cases, condensation insulation.

Ventilation equipment

For ventilation machines internal insulation, Paroc recommends following solution:

  • Use PAROC InVent slabs with G5 facing
  • You can clean the G5 facing with a nylon brush, making maintenance easy.

If the ventilation machine is insulated with insulation placed between two metal plates, the recommended product is PAROC InVent slabs with N-facing.

Condensation insulation

When placed in a cold space, you must thermally insulate your ventilation machine in order to maintain its efficiency and keep the correct air temperature. The insulation should also protect against condensation. PAROC Hvac Mats and Slabs with aluminium foil facing are also suitable for this purpose.