Below you can find some examples of effective stone wall solutions for timber frame partitions and metal-frame partitions.

The table below shows an example of how different sounds can be heard from room to room with different sound insulation values, R'w

 Clearly audible  

R'w  Normal speech  Loud speech  Shouting  TV & radio, normal level  TV & radio, high level  TV & radio, extreme level  Example of rooms 
30              Office
35              Office
40              School
44             School
48              School
52*             Apartment
56             Apartment
60             Special rooms
60              Special rooms
Recommended for rooms where privacy is required

Sound class means the sound insulation (R'w) that can be expected between the spaces where the separating structure is used. In order to achieve the stated value, erect the structure erected according to the manufacturer`s instructions and seal all seams and connections carefully.