Rendered Facade (ETICS) Insulation

The exterior walls of a building protect against cold, precipitation, strong winds, noise and fire. A good exterior wall construction with the right insulation solution is a prerequisite for: a healthy and pleasant indoor climate, durable and energy-efficient exterior wall constructions less energy consumption and thus lower energy costs reduction of CO2 emissions

ETICS solutions for all common type of building, substrate and façade design

We have excellent non-combustible slab insulation and insulation lamellas for almost every type of building from single-family homes or industrial buildings to skyscrapers, from new construction to the renovation of old existing buildings. 

Both stone wool boards for rendered facades can be applied to all common substrate, for example masonry, concrete and timber frame, and are perfectly suited for individual façade design with render, clinker or natural stone and claddings.

Thanks to their high-performance specification, they can meet all current international energy-saving standards in the building industry, while protecting occupants in the event of a fire due to their non-combustibility.

Refer to local sites for more detailed rendered facade (ETICS) solution descriptions >

Paroc stonewool is a versatile thermal insulation suitable for rendered facede (ETICS) insulation.. Stonewool has built-in energy efficiency, fire, sound and moisture safety. Paroc stone wool insulation does not burn and protects other building materials from ignition. The choice of insulation material is of great importance for the general fire safety of a building. As our stone wool is non-combustible (Euroclass A1), there are no restrictions on the use of our stone wool for rendered facade insulations. Ensure that additional materials used in the build are compliant with local regulations by referring to local Paroc sites. 

Energy efficient

Environmentally friendly


Moisture Proof