Partition Insulation

The partitions of a building separate the different spaces and uses of the building from each other. Requirements for the partitions are generally set for their sound insulation, impact resistance and fire compartmentation.

Partitions with Paroc stone wool are first class in terms of both fire resistance properties and sound insulation. Our partition solutions meet different market needs, so local building traditions are considered. We have solutions for partitions with metal and wooden studs, and with one or two layers of gypsum boards, and there are several types of Paroc low-density stone wool slabs to meet various sound insulation and fire resistance requirements. As a guarantee of the functionality of the partition systems, we have been granted a European Technical Assessment (ETA), which allows the system presented in the assessment to be used without separate local approval in all EU countries.

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Paroc stone wool is a versatile thermal insulation to be used in various partition insulation systems. Stone wool has built-in energy efficiency, fire, sound and moisture safety. Furthermore, Paroc stone wool insulation does not burn thus protecting other building materials from ignition. Considering fire safety of a building, the choice of insulation material is of great importance. Ensure that any additional materials used in the build-up also are compliant with local regulations by visiting local Paroc country sites. 

Energy efficient




Fire safe


Moisture Proof