Metal Panel Core Insulation

Paroc offers a range of highest quality stone wool insulation products to be used as core material for metal sandwich panels. 

With our non-combustible stone wool core, you will obtain excellent mechanical and thermal properties as well as outstanding fire resistance and sound insulation performance. All Paroc panel core products are tailor made and optimized to meet even the highest demands and customer requirements. 

Paroc offer customized metal panel core insulation products for various applications:

  • Facade metal panels
  • Roof metal panels
  • Metal panels for partition walls
  • Other OEM metal panel solutions

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Paroc stone wool is a versatile thermal insulation to be used in various metal panel core systems. Stone wool has built-in energy efficiency, fire, sound and moisture safety. Paroc stone wool insulation is non-combustible and at the same time it protects other materials from ignition while choosing the correct insulation material has implications for the overall fire safety of a building. PAROC stone wool also provides the most versatile protection against moisture and is thus excellently suited for e.g. seaside resorts where the moisture stress on structures can be significantly higher than inland. PAROC stone wool is also an excellent sound absorber due to its dense fiber structure and optimal air permeability.

Energy efficient




Fire safe


Moisture Proof