Flat Roof Insulation

The roof is the most important part of the building envelope contributing to heat loss and energy efficiency, regardless of the type or slope. When you reduce heat loss through your roof, you need less energy to heat your entire house. 

Flat roofs are often defined as roofs that fall up to 1:10. Paroc has an extensive range of A1-classified stone wool products for insulation of fireproof and energy-efficient low-sloping roofs. The choice is between a solution that consists of only boards or a combination of boards or lamellas and slabs. This choice depends mainly on the desired U-value.

Taking into account the different local requirements, we have developed a large assortment of roof insulation slabs, lamellas, and boards with different thermal and mechanical properties. Our offering covers solutions for slope building products as well. With our solution you can renovate old roofs or build new energy-efficient roofs.

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Paroc stone wool is a versatile thermal insulation to be used in all kind of flat roof systems. Stone wool has built-in energy efficiency, fire, sound and moisture safety. Paroc stone wool insulation does not burn and protects other building materials from ignition. The choice of insulation material is of great importance for the general fire safety of a building. As our stone wool is non-combustible (Euroclass A1), there are no restrictions on the use of our stone wool in flat roofs. Make sure that additional used materials, in the build-up, also are compliant with local regulations by visiting local Paroc country sites. 

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Fire safe


Moisture Proof