Concrete Element Insulation

There are various types of insulated concrete panels available for external wall structures. The selected type of element has a direct affect, which type of insulation can be chosen.
Concrete 20mm brick wall_Hires A3_300x300

On some areas the industry is used to demand insulation slabs with ventilation grooves for sandwich panels, when on other areas they can choose products without the grooves. In both cases the porous stone wool insulation helps the concrete sandwich panels dry quickly.

Often simple concrete panels are delivered from the manufacturer with pre-installed insulation. This speeds up the later work on the construction site by many means. For example, the heat can be put on earlier and it’s possible to minimize scaffolding need to get the envelope closed. This way of working suites well for both ventilated and rendered facades.

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Paroc stone wool is a versatile thermal insulation for concrete element insulations. Stone wool has natural energy efficiency, fire, sound and moisture safety characteristics. Paroc stone wool insulation does not burn and protects other building materials from ignition. The choice of insulation material is of great importance for the general fire safety of a building. Please refer to local country sites for more detailed concrete element solutions. 

Energy efficient




Fire safe


Moisture Proof