New PAROC CO2 Calculator makes it easy to calculate carbon footprint

11 Jul 2023

PAROC CO2 Calculator

OC Paroc has launched an online calculator to quickly and easily calculate the GWP value of PAROC building insulation products of different thicknesses.

The work of designers gets easier with a new PAROC® CO2 Calculator that makes it quick and easy to calculate the carbon footprint of PAROC® building insulation products. The calculator is based on the values included in environmental product declarations (EPDs) according to EN 15804 +A2. These values are used to calculate the global warming potential (GWP) of products. Before, these types of calculations have been time-consuming and required additional data collection and aggregation. Now, the PAROC CO2 Calculator provides calculations automatically, so it’s easy to check the carbon footprint of a single PAROC building insulation product for all thicknesses.

"We wanted to create a calculator that truly makes the work of designers easier and faster, and also helps to make more accurate calculations," says Juha Laihonen, OC Paroc Circular Economy Lead, Nordics.

PAROC CO2 Calculator shows emissions per square meter, per kilogram and per cubic meter

The calculator shows CO2 equivalent emissions in different units, matching various design program needs (kg CO2-eq kg/kg, kg CO2-eq/m2 and kg CO2-eq/m3). This makes it easier to compare PAROC products with each other. The calculator also shows the density and thermal resistance of the product in the desired thickness.

The GWP value reported by the calculator is based on EPD modules A1 to A3, which document the emissions from the manufacturing process and A1 to C4, which covers manufacturing, assembly stage and end-of-life stage of the product. The GWP value of an individual stone wool product is primarily influenced by the manufacturing line and the thickness of the product. To ensure that the calculator uses the emissions from the correct production facility as a basis for the values, it takes into account the user's location. The calculator then provides an accurate GWP value for the PAROC building insulation products that are available in that particular market.

PAROC CO2 Calculator is available for PAROC building insulation products on these markets in local language:


"We want to create sustainable buildings together with our customers. The development of the easy-to-use calculator is another concrete step in making sustainable choices easier," says Juha Laihonen.