Owens Corning statement on Russian operations

28 Apr 2022

Owens Corning condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities taking place there. Our thoughts are with all Ukrainians and others in the region who have been so deeply affected by these events.

In late March, Owens Corning made the decision to exit Russia through a transfer or sale of its facilities and, in April, halted all future investments in Russia. The company is working to expedite its exit, while remaining committed to the safety and security of its employees in the country. In 2021, net sales in Russia represented approximately 1% of the company’s consolidated net sales.

In support of those impacted by this tragedy, the Owens Corning Foundation has donated $250,000 to charities in the region and committed an additional $250,000 to match individual contributions from employees who support the ongoing humanitarian efforts.

The news on the Owens Corning website: https://newsroom.owenscorning.com/home/default.aspx