PAROC Trio is a new revolutionary insulation solution for facade renovations

07 Mar 2022

The PAROC® Trio renovation slab allows you to use one insulation product instead of the previously required two or three separate insulation products. It consists of three different layers: a layer that smooths the uneven surface to be renovated; a thick, energy-efficient thermal insulation layer; and a layer that provides excellent wind protection. Using the PAROC® Trio instead of separate material layers enables savings of at least 50% in installation time and cost.

An innovation that is quick to install and serves the growing need for facade renovation

"Europe has millions of square metres of old facades that are at the end of their lifespan. Most of these facades are on concrete multi-storey residential buildings built in the 1960s or 1970’s. When the old concrete facade and thermal insulation are removed, we typically find an uneven concrete surface that requires smoothing, or a soft insulation layer under newer thermal insulation. We wanted to make facade renovations easier, so we developed a single insulation product that provides levelling, thermal insulation and protection against the wind and weather,” says Susanna Tykkä-Vedder, Application Manager at Owens Corning Paroc.

Since the insulation solution consists of a single product, it also enables simpler site logistics and reduces packaging waste. PAROC® Trio insulation is supplied in compact pallet packaging, and optimized slab size makes installation easier on high and narrow scaffolds. The offcuts of stone wool can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner through the Rewool recycling system.

A mechanically softened smoothing layer

The surface of PAROC® Trio stone wool is covered with a Tyvek FireCurb coating that allows water vapour to pass through, while providing excellent protection against wind and rain during installation. The middle part of the product consists of an energy-efficient thermal insulation layer that gives PAROC® Trio a very low lambda value of 0.033 W/mK.

However, the real innovation can be found on the rear side of the slab, which is mechanically softened to adapt to uneven surfaces, removing the air gaps between the insulation material and the mounting surface that reduce the insulating effect. We have applied for a patent for this innovation.

PAROC® Trio is suitable for use on all types of buildings. Like other stone wool products, it is fireproof, energy efficient and very resistant to moisture.

"We are constantly developing new innovations that offer solutions to real needs and that add value for our customers. PAROC® Trio is an excellent example of this work," says Susanna Tykkä-Vedder.

For more information, contact:

Susanna Tykkä-Vedder, Application Manager, tel. +358 40 705 4999