New high-performance slab for rendered facades

20 May 2021

PAROC Linio Pro high-performance slabs are the new addition to Paroc’s range of stone wool slabs for rendered facades.

A rendered facade is one of the most widely used wall insulation solutions in both residential and public building construction and renovation. Thermal insulation is especially important as it is responsible for cutting heating costs. Efficient stone wool thermal insulation that is noncombustible, durable, vapor-permeable, dimensionally stable and time-tested is a perfect solution for wall insulation.

PAROC’s range of thermal insulation for rendered facades in the Baltic region consists of four main products:

  • PAROC Linio 80 - excellent lamella slab for energy-efficient buildings where insulation thicknesses are over 250 mm;
  • PAROC Linio 10 - standard slab for renovated and new buildings;
  • PAROC Linio 15 - thermal insulation for renovated and new buildings, mainly used for public and high-rise buildings;
  • PAROC Linio Pro - the new high-performance slab for renovated and new buildings. Its declared thermal conductivity value is 0.034 W/mK. 

In a completed structure, thermal insulation is usually invisible, but its benefits are felt throughout the whole useful life of the building. We have set up a dedicated page listing all the benefits for rendered facades of noncombustible, durable, vapor-permeable, dimensionally stable and efficient PAROC stone wool insulation.

More information about the benefits of stone wool insulation for rendered facades:
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