ProdLib BuildUp material library offers designers an improved user experience

20 May 2020

PAROC product information and structure types are now easily found in ProdLib’s useful tool, BuildUp material library for the Finnish designers. The new, updated version of the tool hosts new and handy features and it will be introduced soon in Sweden and Lithuania too.

The ProdLib BuildUp material library is compatible with both Revit and AutoCAD software. The tool allows architects and structural engineers to create up-to-date structure types from different building materials and products.

The material library contains materials and tested structure types from several manufacturers, including structure types and product information from Paroc. With the tool, designers can create their structure types layer by layer by choosing the materials and determining layer thickness. Products can also easily be searched according to material qualities.

An updated version of the BuildUp tool has now been published, with new features ensuring an even better user experience.

Load ProdLib BuildUp tool

Paroc adopted the first version of the ProdLib BuildUp material library in May 2019 in Finland. After the first year, experiences with the tool have been promising. The tool’s usability keeps improving as more and more manufacturers and product information are added to the system.

“For the user, it is most important that the tool is easy to use: compared to the traditional method, looking for product information from different libraries and creating a structure type in a design program is easier with the BuildUp tool,” says Paroc’s Juha Laihonen. “Designers are able to quickly search for information on all the products they need from one single library.”

According to ProdLib’s Janne Virtanen, the main idea when developing the BuildUp tool was to make designers’ job easier. The market has not previously seen a similar system, and the tool has been received well. User experiences and suggestions about the first version have helped with creating the new version.

“The basic concept and main features have been well tested. The tool is now easier to use and the system as a whole works better,” Virtanen continues and says that the system keeps developing as the user base continues to grow.

According to Juha Laihonen, user feedback has been positive.
“Paroc’s user interface in the new version also has a direct link to the detail library of Paroc’s structure selector, as well as a praised More information link in the product information section which takes the user directly to the right place on the manufacturer’s website. The information is found faster through ProdLib as the user doesn’t have to spend time trying to find the right menus and submenus on the manufacturer’s website,” Laihonen says.

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