New carbon neutral product line from Paroc

06 Oct 2020
Paroc takes an important step to answer to the growing need to minimize building industry’s CO2 emissions. The new carbon neutral product line, Paroc Natura, is part of Paroc’s new, sustainability goals.
Paroc Natura - carbon neutral stone wool insulation

Stone wool insulation manufacturer Paroc, part of the Fortune 500 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index company Owens Corning, is launching a new carbon neutral product line, Paroc Natura. Like other Paroc stone wool products, the new line offers the building industry fire-safe, moisture-proof, and durable insulation products. In addition, it answers the growing need to minimize the building industry’s CO2 emissions. The new product line will be available in the beginning of 2021.

- “By using low-carbon melting technology, green electricity, recycled waste material and new technologies, we minimize the amount of CO2 emitted in manufacturing the product and then, by CO2 compensating the remaining CO2, we can offer a totally carbon neutral product,” says Beatrice Hallén, Sustainability Leader for Owens Corning Insulation Europe.

Beatrice Hallén, Sustainability Leader, Paroc Owens Corning

Beatrice Hallén, Sustainability Leader for Owens Corning Insulation Europe

- “Insulation is a key solution to the problem of climate change, since around 40% of greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans comes from buildings. We want to continue to be frontrunners in developing sustainable buildings together with our customers. and the product line Paroc Natura is an important step in this work,” says Hallén.

In 1986, Paroc built its first low-carbon technology for melting stones which significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels in manufacturing. Several factories today use green electricity and the new milestone is 100% renewable electricity by 2030. 

The launch of Natura is part of  long-term and persistent sustainability work at Paroc and one step in realizing the sustainability goals for the near future. These goals are in line with the 2030 sustainability goals of Owens Corning , which include the aspiration to cut CO2 emissions by 50% and to have zero waste leaving the plants.

- “We believe that the circular economy is our way to the future and we see waste, both from production and building sites, as raw material for new products. We design our products and solutions for recycling and reuse and aim to close the loop with having zero waste leaving our plants by 2030,“ says Beatrice Hallén.