Website Launched to Serve Our Customers in Spain and Latin America

29 Jul 2019

Paroc operates on almost all the continents in the world and we are seeking new business opportunities. The need for a website to serve our Spanish-speaking customers both in Latin America and in Spain has increased during the past few years.

The Spanish site contains the information targeted at these markets. “Why Stonewool?” partly sums up the benefits of stonewool. “Applications” presents the process industry as well as marine and offshore, with brochures in Spanish. The contact information for Latin America and Spain can easily be found on the new site. 

“We have been carrying out industrial insulation projects in different Latin American countries for years and the marine business in Spain is increasing steadily,” says Peter van Zandbergen, Sales Director, West & Export. “The product quality and the energy-efficient insulation solutions we can offer are known and appreciated by our customers. The know-how we have in long-distance export projects from planning to delivery has been one of our key success factors.”

The idea of opening a Spanish website came a few years ago and we started to plan the site gradually. A lot has happened since the first content planning meeting, but at last we are ready to open the Spanish site!

We are more than happy to serve our customers via the Spanish site – Welcome!