Updated PAROC® Calculus Login

12 Mar 2019

New PAROC Calculus Login online version has been published. Creating an account allows the online storage of projects, calculations and customisations.

PAROC® Calculus Login continues to have all the features enjoyed by thousands of Technical Insulation users around the world. Calculus Login is a free, simple to use, technical insulation calculation program for different HVAC and process industry applications eg; pipes, ventilation ducts and tanks.

Link to PAROC® Calculus Login

PAROC® Calculus Login:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Works on PC, tablet and mobile phone
  • Calculations for heat loss, surface temperature and temperature drop in pipes, ventilation ducts, process industry tanks, valves and flanges
  • Easy input of pipe and duct diameters (predefined)
  • Thermal bridges of pipe and duct suspensions
  • Energy savings, freezing times and other advanced features to help properly specify products
  • Insulation weight calculated
  • Print out calculations to PDF
  • Add custom products, media and cladding
  • All calculations are based on equations described in the EN ISO 12241 standard.