B15 Extended wall solution with pipe and duct penetrations

25 Sep 2019

B15 extended wall with pipe and duct penetration

The new B15 wall extension solution gives even more variety and flexibility in design and installation. Duct and pipe penetrations are included in the new lightweight solution.

Designing a wall extension is now very simple because only one product is needed for the extension: PAROC Marine Navis Slab 100 AluCoat, 30 mm. The product is rigid enough to make a perfect wall extension without support structures. The maximum height of the wall extension can be as much as 2.2 m. Either fire springs or pins and washers are used for fixing.

Pipe and duct penetrations included

Several different types of pipe and duct penetrations can be used in the solution. Penetrations can be carried out easily because the product used in the extension is only 30 mm thick. No additional sealing is required for the penetrations when the insulation is cut correctly with no gaps around the penetrations. Penetrations are insulated on one side of the wall with a 250 mm-long piece of PAROC Marine Navis Wired Mat 60 AluCoat, 40 mm.

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