New type of suspended ceiling gives architects control

02 Feb 2018
Parafon Step for GridsFor an architect, creating varied and attractive suspended ceilings to complement other interior features is desirable but not always easy, as many of the products the market offers are white and smooth. Architect Johan Olsson, together with his colleagues at Bornstein Lyckefors, came up with a new concept for grid system installations, PARAFON STEP for Grids, which will be launched at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on 6-10 February.

Parafon Step for Grids

The concept builds on the direct installation solution PARAFON STEP Direct, which Paroc developed together with Bornstein Lyckefors and launched in 2015. The underlying idea of the Step concept is simple. Working with acoustic tiles of different thicknesses, formats and colours enables the creation of countless suspended ceiling variations which not only comprise a sound absorber and neutral base, but also contribute to the room’s interior design and enhance its overall impression.

Now, new PARAFON STEP for Grids enables the creation of suspended ceilings in a similar manner. 

PARAFON STEP is manufactured from PAROC Stone Wool, an incombustible material with very good sound absorption properties. The contrast between the stone wool’s natural raw structure, revealed in the visible edges of the acoustic tiles, and the smooth surface clad in glass-fibre fabric gives the aesthetics added dynamism and variation.

Moreover, for this year’s collection Bornstein Lyckefors have selected a brand new colour range, although the products are also available in any NCS colour.

To help you incorporate PARAFON Step, the specially developed PARAFON Step Planning Tool enables you to configure and print specifications.