New PAROC Calculus

05 Apr 2018
Paroc Calculus

New PAROC Calculus online version has been published. New features and simplified user interface makes the calculation program easy to use with any device.

PAROC® Calculus is a technical insulation calculation program for dimensioning thermal insulation for different HVAC and process industry applications e.g. pipes, ventilation ducts and process industry tanks. With new PAROC Calculus it is also possible to calculate the heat loss for insulated and uninsulated valves and flanges, which usually increase the risk of heat loss. Also the heat loss caused by thermal bridges in pipe and duct suspensions can be taken into account.

With PAROC Calculus you can design energy efficient and economical insulation solutions for different HVAC and process industry applications with PAROC products.

PAROC® Calculus:
• Easy to use interface
• Works on pc, tablets and mobile phones
• Calculations for heat loss, surface temperature and temperature drop in pipes, ventilation ducts, process industry tanks, valves and flanges.
• Easy input of pipe diameters and duct dimensions (predefined)
• Thermal bridges of pipe and duct suspensions
• Print out your calculations to pdf
• All calculations are based on equations described in the EN ISO 12241 standard.

Link to PAROC Calculus online