New lightweight solution for B15 wall extension

31 Aug 2018

PAROC Marine B15 extended wall solution

The new 40% lighter solution for B15 wall extension is based on one single product; PAROC Marine Navis Slab 110 AluCoat, 30 mm.

The target in the development work of the new lightweight wall extension solution was to make it as easy as possible to design and also quick to install. The new solution is independent of the wall support profiles. The product used for the solution, PAROC Marine Navis Slab 110 AluCoat, is rigid enough to make a perfect wall extension. However, it is only 30 mm thick which means that penetrations can be done easily.

Installation is quick because only one product in one thickness is needed for the wall extension construction. Also, for B15 wall extension same pins and washers can be used as for other solutions and that makes installation convenient.

PAROC B15 wall extension is easy to install - Check out the animation

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