New brand profile marks the start of a new era for Paroc

15 Oct 2018


Our exciting journey as part of Owens Corning has started and we now take the first step to visualize our new, long-term home. 

Paroc is a strong brand, and we will continue marketing our products and solutions under the well-known red-and-white striped brand image. At the same time, we wish to mark the start of a new era in our history and communicate that we are now part of Owens Corning and its global insulation business.

Gradually, as of October, you will start noticing our new logotype, updated packages and new communication material that connects the PAROC® brand to Owens Corning and allows us to communicate consistently throughout the group. 

We trust that our updated brand profile takes the place as a new, strong representation of our high quality, fire safe stone wool insulation.

Our materials will continue to deliver a difference for your business, and we are looking forward to the onward growth journey with you.