Extended range of PAROC lightweight solutions for A-class steel constructions

03 May 2018

PAROC marine lightweight solutions for A-class steel constructions are completed with new approved products. There is now more variety as earlier launched slab solution can be used in combination with mats and wired mats. The new solutions are lightweight and easiest to design and install on market.

Designing and installing A-class steel solutions with PAROC Marine Navis products is very easy. The new solutions offer designers a full set of products to choose from. The density and thickness of the products is always the same no matter which product is used in the construction. Products can be used in different combinations, also combining slabs and mats in same application. There is a wide variety of different installation possibilities, which simplifies the installation on-site.

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The products approved for A-class steel decks and bulkheads are:

All products are of same density, 60 kg/m3 and have versatile facing options.

Paroc Light Marine is the new offering of lightweight solutions for fire insulated decks and bulkheads, suited for all marine projects. Reduced weight in insulation solutions means lower fuel consumption and savings in ships operating costs. Besides many financial benefits there are clear reductions in CO2 emissions, which is good for our environment.