First on market: A-class marine solutions for 4 mm aluminium constructions

06 Mar 2018

Paroc lightweight solutions for Marine industry

PAROC Light Marine launch series continues with the introduction of new lightweight solutions for A60 aluminium constructions enabling significant weight and cost reductions in the ship building industry.

The new A60 solutions are tested and approved for 4 mm thick aluminium decks and bulkheads. Compared with the commonly used standard 6 mm aluminium structures, the weight decrease is more than 5 kg / m2 when using Paroc solution. The total weight of the construction decreases significantly, which brings huge savings in running costs. Taking into account the price of the aluminium the total cost savings are remarkable.

Paroc A60 solutions for aluminium bulkheads and decks are based on only one new technology product PAROC Marine Navis Mat 90 in two thicknesses; 60 mm on decks and 70 mm on bulkheads. Design and installation is easy as the same product is used also on stiffeners, e.g. insulating thickness on decks and stiffeners is 60 mm.

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