Paroc offers a Finnish sauna experience to visitors of Lahti2017 Championships

02 Feb 2017

Visitors of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti can get acquainted with Finnish sauna by enjoying the warmth of the sauna, which is insulated with PAROC® eXtra stone wool.

Durability and technique are important, both in sports and in construction. For 80 years, Paroc has brought reliable insulation solutions to the challenging northern climate. Paroc stone wool protects from the cold, and its ability to insulate remains unchanged over time. Finland’s centennial celebration year makes the Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti special, as the competition is the biggest event of Finland’s 100th anniversary year. Paroc, manufacturer of fireproof insulation solutions, is a proud partner of the Lahti2017 Nordic World Ski Championships.

A unique sauna experience is created in the middle of this great sports event with a stylish Paroc sauna built into a sea container, featuring a steam room with a window, as well as showering and dressing rooms. The sauna features PAROC® eXtra stone wool for thermal insulation. Best of all, you can watch a live broadcast of the Nordic World Ski Championships from the sauna benches.

Paroc sauna adds warmth to the atmosphere of the Centenary Championships

The stove of the Paroc sauna on the event grounds will be hot every day during the competition, and those who wish can use the sauna from 1-6pm. The sauna benches seat eight people at a time. The sauna is mixed, so towels are worn when enjoying the sauna. The sauna host and -hostess will oversee that the sauna session goes smoothly, and will provide towels and other necessities.

The joyful cheers filling the stands at Salpausselkä will ring out on the sauna benches as well, as it is possible to follow the exciting competitions from the steam room’s competition studio. Have an unforgettable sauna experience in the middle of the festive Lahti2017 championships!

Additional information:

Olga van Iterson, Paroc Group Marketing Communications Director,  tel. +358 50 325 2376

The 2017 World Nordic Ski Championships will be held in Lahti for a historic seventh time. Lahti2017 wants to offer an event where everyone feels at home and an experience where the peak excitement of World Championship competition is combined with outstanding entertainment and customer service.