Paroc Group commences cooperation negotiations at Oulu stone wool factory

10 Jan 2017
Paroc Group prepares for adjusting production in Finland and starts cooperation negotiations concerning approximately 70 people on 17 January 2017. The objective of the negotiations is to help the company ensure competitiveness also in the future. 
Paroc Group is planning to shut down the operations of the stone wool factory in the city of Oulu, Finland. The plan also includes transferring and centralising support functions to other Paroc factories at other locations. The possible decision to shut down the factory is based on the overcapacity of Finnish production without a similar increase in consumer demand. 

The company will prepare for planned shutdown of the operations of the Oulu stone wool factory by starting cooperation negotiations that affect the entire personnel in Oulu, approximately 70 people, excluding operative sales personnel.  The plan is to conclude the negotiations by the end of February. A more detailed schedule of the possible shutdown will be decided after the negotiations.  

“Starting the cooperation negotiations is very unfortunate. However, the utilisation rate of Finnish stone wool factories’ current capacity is too low to ensure competitive operations in Finland. The factory located in Oulu is an old one, and in addition to the already high cost structure, continuing its operations would require significant investments in the near future,” says Kari Lehtinen, CEO of Paroc Group.
Paroc is still strongly committed to the Finnish market also in the future. Paroc’s other Finnish factory is located in Pargas. The planned production adjustment will not affect customer deliveries. 

Further information:
Kari Lehtinen, CEO, Paroc Group Oy, tel.  +358 46 876 8904

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Olga van Iterson, Marketing Communications Director, Paroc Group Oy, tel. +358 50 325 2376