More than insulation. Paroc introduces dedicated accessories to its regular offer

23 Nov 2017

More than insulation

Installers tend to appreciate tools that make their work easier. Especially when said solutions make up a system that guarantees both reliable fitting and the proper working of the HVAC systems. Paroc is the first manufacturer of technical insulations to introduce dedicated fitting accessories to its regular offer.

Insulating HVAC systems, in addition to the actual insulation solution, more often than not requires several other tools and materials. Going along with the saying “everything that you need – in one place”, Paroc launches dedicated, verified installation accessories for professional users. Aside from the regular stone wool mats, pipe sections and slabs, the company’s offer will also include the following elements:

  • tapes dedicated for products with the GreyCoat, AluCoat and Clad types of facing
  • tapes dedicated for acoustic PAROC InVent slabs with the N and G types of facing
  • high-temperature tapes dedicated for the PAROC FirePlace Slab
  • mineral wool cutting knives
  • head pins
  • pallet hoods
  • end caps

The system’s main advantage is the quality of the individual elements which  have already been tested and verified in real-life conditions. Using Paroc’s branded accessories, combined with complying with the installation manuals provided by the manufacturer (and applicable national or international standards), should guarantee reliable fitting and enable proper working of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

What’s more, new types of duct tapes provide a vital addition to the existing portfolio of Paroc’s insulation products. Pipe sections, bends, mats and slabs from the AluCoat, GreyCoat and Clad series can now be seamlessly integrated with each other with, a perfectly matching tape, ensuring a durable and aesthetically appealing finish.

The beauty of the system lies in its simplicity on the one hand, and the way the individual elements complement themselves on the other – says Robert Kotwas, Product Manager Accessories at Paroc. – Thanks to these new solutions installers  can quickly and easily cut the proper size of the insulation, retain its seamless connection, and ensure proper and reliable fitting

New Paroc accessories will be available in the regular distribution network.

Accessories range vary from country to country.

Please check with your local Paroc representative if these products are suitable for your country.

Accessories will be introduced into the offer in 2018 country by country. Please check with your local Paroc representative which products are available for your country. The final range can vary from country to country.