Make your plastic insulation fire safe - with PAROC® FireSAFE products

20 Nov 2017
In Finland, new Fire Regulation will enter into force on 1 January 2018. The new regulation will restrict for example the use of combustible thermal insulation in high-rise buildings by imposing strict requirements for their protection. Combustible thermal insulations include almost all plastic and wood based insulations belonging to fire-classes B-F. The designer of the building is responsible for complying with the Regulation. To help designers’ work, Paroc has developed a new FireSAFE product family, which provides fire tested solutions to virtually any protection need set by the Regulation.

Combustible materials must be protected

The new Fire Regulation for buildings requires the head designer, building designer or special designer to ensure that the planned site meets the specified fire safety requirements. Liability does not only apply to new construction or expansion projects, but also to renovations and alterations, if the fire safety of the building is weakened.

With regard to thermal insulation, the new fire regulations clarify the earlier legislative text, which stated that thermal insulation below class B-s1, d0 had to be sufficiently protected in most demanding buildings. In the new regulation the definitions are clear, and the differences in interpretation between the various municipalities are removed in this respect and the work of the designer becomes easier. Protection is required for all combustible thermal insulation materials with fire class of the actual insulating part between B-s1, d0 and F. Combustible insulation must be protected from both inside and outside, including the edges of the openings and penetrations. The new thermal insulation requirements apply to both exterior wall and roof structures.

PAROC® FireSAFE is a fire tested solution

To support the new Regulation Paroc has developed PAROC® FireSAFE product family, which provides solutions for the protection needs of all combustible materials in both external walls and roofs. The PAROC FireSAFE product family offers products for different protective classes and applications where the products also meet the mechanical properties required by different structures. There are also solutions for openings and penetrations. All Paroc solutions are fire tested and are based on non-combustible A1 class stone wool insulation. However, it is good to remember that, compared to protection, using non-combustible A class construction material is a simpler and safer solution.

More information: Juha Laihonen, Development Manager,