Business Unit Russia integrated into Business unit Building Insulation effective from April 1st, 2017

14 Mar 2017
The Russia Business Unit was established in 2013 to enable a maximum focus on supporting the growth of sales volume as well as ramp up of the new line and operations in Izoplit. Now this evolution phase has been completed.
We aim to capitalize on our common synergies and best practices sharing, such as product and offering development, sales practices, operations planning, production development and capacity management. Therefore, the Russian business functions will be fully integrated into Building Insulation Business Unit while support functions will be integrated into their respective Paroc Group support functions. It has been agreed that General Director Igor Shatz will leave the company by end of April 2017. Finance Director Povilas Velicka will be acting as temporary General Director during the recruitment process for a permanent position holder. 

For further information please contact: 

Joakim Flinck, Director Group Finance and Head of Investor Relations 
Tel: +358 40 556 4757 or email: