Paroc's 2016 Sustainability Report published

19 Apr 2017

Paroc has today published its Sustainability Report for 2016. It covers business and sustainability overviews according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 (Core) reporting framework. The report discusses economic, social and environmental responsibility in key areas and presents the themes of Paroc's sustainability work including objectives and progress.

“Providing safe and sustainable building solutions directly impacts environmental performance through things like energy and waste efficiency, and lower emissions. It improves the quality of life of residents, workers and the communities they form. When we add to this our internal efficiency programmes and responsibilities to our shareholders and employees, it is clear that Paroc’s business incorporates triple bottom line thinking – economic, environmental and social performance”, sums CEO Kari Lehtinen.

The report is available in English on the Paroc website.
It is published in digital format only.