Paroc transforms renovation with a sandwich panel installed directly on top of an existing façade

10 Jun 2016

PAROC® Reface™ reduces the time and effort required for renovations because the panels are installed on top of the existing structure and you do not need to remove old walls. You can continue to use the property practically uninterrupted during panel installation. These factors all help reduce the total cost of the renovation.


“Modern ventilated steel sheet coated sandwich panel solution quickly improves the look of the building, and at the same time raises the value of the property. The improvement of insulation and tightness of the building improve energy efficiency, which in turn reduces operating costs and shortens the investment payback time”, says Juha Laihonen, Paroc’s Business Area Manager.


Breathable, fire-safe PAROC® Reface™ element improves the look of the building quickly


PAROC Reface looks like any other modern Paroc sandwich element system. PAROC Built-On façade solutions can be combined with the Reface system, if the goal is to create new sophisticated facade design with other cladding materials. The core of the panel is always moisture and fire safe Paroc stone wool with great insulation properties.


In addition to a modern façade PAROC Reface improves the insulation properties and tightness of the wall structure. The panel’s internal surface is open to diffusion, in other words is breathable. Moisture can pass through the panels’ ventilation ducts away from the wall. The solution has been developed in cooperation with customers and partners, and several patent applications have been made.


The innovative renovation solution has raised interest already prior to its launch. In addition to a pilot project in Sweden, Reface-panels have been sold for renovation projects in Sweden and in Finland.

Per Lindborg, AB Lindborg & Söner, main contractor at Såma AB pilot in Sweden:

”Paroc's new Reface panel was well received in the Såma AB project. We have a long tradition of cooperation with Paroc and we said yes, when we were asked to test the new renovation construction elements. The end result is very good. The solution is ideal, in the case of an old industrial building that needs to update the facade and additional insulation.


More information: Juha Laihonen, Business Area Manager, tel. + 358 400 902 759