Paroc trains Tipcheck engineers to support the industry in saving money, energy and CO2

15 Apr 2016

Did you know that the tremendous energy savings potential of technical insulation in the industry is 620 PJ? As a consequence, 15 coal-fired power plants of 500 MW could be switched off. Industrial insulation is a Best Available Technique which could help Europes industry to reduce its energy consumption by 4%. (Source: EiiF)

Paroc and Tipcheck. Technical insulation performance check

From their experience, the European industrial insulation Foundation (EiiF) is convinced that there is a significant energy saving and CO2 mitigation potential related to improved thermal insulation in industry and that this potential is currently untapped despite being cost-effective to implement. Against this background, EiiF commissioned Ecofys to identify the Energy and CO2 savings potential of industrial insulation in EU27.

The study shows a savings potential of industrial insulation of 620 PJ for Energy and 49Mt for CO2. This energy savings potential is equivalent to:

Industry can save money, energy and co2 
  • 15 coal-fired power plants of 500 MW or
  • The energy consumption of 10 million households or
  • The energy consumption of the Dutch industry.

The annual CO2 reductions potential is equivalent to 18 million middle class cars each running 12.500 kilometers per year.

The potential can be tapped cost-effectively. Insulating bare surfaces to cost-effective levels and repairing damaged insulation in industry EU-wide requires initial investments of about 900 million Euro. This one time investment would represent an energy savings potential of about 460 PJ, which at current prices would save industry 3,5 billion Euros every year.

In order to provide industry with a standardized, high quality thermal energy audit tool focusing on the thermal performance of technical insulation systems the EiiF founded the TIPCHECK Programme. TIPCHECKs quantify the amount of energy and money an industrial facility is losing with its current insulation system (including uninsulated parts).

The TIPCHECK programme is also a qualification programme for insulation engineers to become EiiF certified thermal energy auditors, so called TIPCHECK engineers. Auditors that can support you in evaluating insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or retrofits and demonstrate how more efficient insulation could Save energy, Save money and Contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced CO2 emissions. 

Paroc has now trained a number of Tipcheck Engineers in order to increase it's service level and support the market even better with energysaving advice.


Ecofys is a leading consultancy agency in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets and energy & climate policy. They support public and corporate organisations alike to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities quickly. 

The European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) is a European nonprofit foundation registered in Switzerland. It has been set up to promote and establish the use of industrial insulation as a widely understood and accepted means of achieving sustainability. Since its foundation EiiF has established itself as a resource for industries that need to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.

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More information about the Tipcheck programme is available at EIIF website >>

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More information about the Tipcheck programme is available at EIIF website >>