FM 4881 approval for PAROC AST E exterior wall panels

08 Sep 2016
Paroc Panel System is the first panel manufacturer who has tested their panels in the new extended test rig, where up to 6,1 meter long panels can be tested. The actual test consisted of three separate test phases, which we passed successfully.


We have got the FM4881 approval according to approval standard for AST E Exterior Wall Panels for these products:

- panel type AST E 175-240 mm for a single span of max 6,1 m
- panel type AST E 120-240 mm for a single span of max 3,05 m or multi-span 3,05 m.
- "severe hail" (FH) rating
"High quality, strength and fire safety of PAROC panels are the well-known benefits on the market already", Export Manager Tom Österlund states. "By optimizing the need of support structures for the panels, the total construction costs will decrease. This is of interest to building owners and contractors as well as lower insurance premiums are. This approval will support our effort to remain as the no 1 fire proof stone wool panel supplier in our core market area."

For more information:
Tom Österlund, Export Manager
Mobile: +358 40 500 7817