Paroc Built-On facilitated the facade for the award-winning Skandion Clinic

27 Mar 2015

The Scandion Clinic is the first cancer clinic to offer proton therapy in the Nordic region. A patient hotel comprising 86 double rooms has been built as part of the clinic. Seven county councils together with the state-owned property company Akademiska Hus are behind this unique cooperation project. The clinic will open in 2015 and will initially treat around 1,000 patients a year.

Paroc Built-on sandwich panels were the perfect solution for the Skandion Clinic because they involve a lightweight construction with very high tensile strength, which provides a good base for the perforated aluminium cassette facade. Thanks to their smooth surface, Paroc's sandwich panels are able to secure and hold cladding weighing up to 45 kilos per square metre, and because they are non-combustible, the building has very good passive fire protection, which seems particularly appropriate in this case.


The Plåt 15 prize jury was impressed by the airy, light, and bright facade, which also meets high safety standards.

“Behind the aluminium sheeting with perforated pattern lies the hotel facade's actual climate protection, which is a Paroc facade,” said Carl-Fredrik Danielsson, Architect at Link Arkitektur.

“The Paroc panels' thin outer layer of steel also holds up the cantilevered aluminium facade. This made our job easier since we did not have to include supplementary stud systems in our drawings to bear the load of the cantilevered aluminium sheets,” said Carl-Fredrik.

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