Public swimming pools require high performance products

14 May 2015
Buildings that are used for special purposes always require certain qualities regarding the materials used. A good example of this are buildings used for sports, such as public swimming pools.

The conditions of these buildings require specific attention to several different aspects. The environment of public swimming pools, for example, is extremely demanding due to the hard materials needed for the walls and floors to endure the humidity and wetness of the building.

All of these specifications also place demanding needs on the acoustics of the buildings. Public swimming halls require products and materials with high performance sound absorption as well as resistance to high levels of air humidity. The materials also need to combat corrosion to a very high degree.

This is precisely why Paroc chosen as a partner for the Ystad Badhus project in Sweden, where an entirely new public swimming pool was built in the city of Ystad as a part of an upcoming athletics complex that was completed last year. Paroc was able to provide the necessary qualities for insulation products with a corrosion resistant grid system and sound absorbing ceiling materials. In this project Paroc worked in close collaboration with the architect, the construction company NCC, and the Ystad municipality by providing supplies to the ceiling installation company.

The solution for the difficult wet-area building was the Paroc Acoustic Parafon products. These are products designed precisely for superb sound absorption and humidity resistance. In addition, we were able to provide these products in non-standard sizes and different hues of colors as per the wishes of the architect.

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Ystad swimming pool project in Sweden  Ystad swimming pool project in Sweden  Ystad swimming pool project in Sweden