High quality standards for materials used in Bavarian brewery

18 Aug 2015
Germans take their beer seriously, and the same quality that is demanded of the beer is also demanded of the breweries themselves, especially regarding fire safety.

This was also the case when local brewery Paulaner realized their traditional land in Munich’s Haidhausen was not enough to house the nearly 900 employees the company has. A new location was found in the west of the city, in Langwied, directly by the highway, and the new facilities are set to become fully operational by 2016.

The new production facilities span over 15 hectares and encompass 11 buildings altogether, ranging from the brew house and malt silos to a warehouse, office and cafeteria as well as a tunnel for the high-voltage power lines. The buildings are made up of precast concrete components that reach up to 28 meters in height, and are cladded with Paroc’s stone wool panels.

The fireproof cladding was commissioned from Paroc in early 2014, after acting in an advisory capacity to the architects and building owner at the drafting phase of the project. Paroc was chosen as a partner because of a guarantee for extremely smooth surfaces on stainless steel panels that are installed over a long span of 7,5 meters. The installation was conducted by Bavarian customer Pröckl GmbH. In the end the 41.000m2 of façade panels were delivered right on time with a flawless finish.

       Paulaner Panels project     

       Paulaner project