PAROC Linio 10 Awarded as Lithuanian Product of the Year

28 Jan 2015
Paroc Linio 10 was introduced to the Lithianian market in 2014, when Paroc updated its rendered façade product range. The newly introduced product got a very positive reception and it has now been awarded a golden medal as Lithuanian product of the year. In the award ceremony, Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius handed the award to Paroc’s plant manager Jonas Liubertas.

PAROC Linio 10 is non-combustible, highly energy efficient stone wool insulation slab. It is used to insulate walls of renovated and new buildings as a base layer for thin rendering façade. The slab has excellent thermal insulation properties. Its non-combustible properties make it especially well-suited to use in renovated buildings.

Due to its good vapour permeability, PAROC Linio 10 slab does not accumulate moisture. Its high dimension stability is important for use in rendered facades. The slab retains its dimensional stability even when affected by temperature changes and vapour and does not cause cracking in the walls or darkening in rendered façades.

PAROC Linio 10 product of the year 2014 in Lithuania 
Jonas Liubertas (left) receiving the award from the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius (right) in 2012, when FAS B was named the Lithuanian product of the year.